Vedah Bertram

5 thoughts on “Vedah Bertram”

  1. Wonderful article! I enjoy reading these interviews—they are interesting and curiously refreshing, somehow. Vedah Bertram was one I’d never heard of. I enjoyed learning about her and seeing her in “Bronco Billy’s Last Hold-Up.” What a shame she passed away so young. She was an extremely natural and appealing actress, wasn’t she?

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    1. She really was! Others that I feel that were very natural were Helen Gardner and Gene Gautier, the latter being of the Kalem Company. Kalem went all over the world to make their films. I admire Gene Gauntier, she was so lovely and amazingly intelligent. I have interviews from both girls, and can’t wait to share them when I get their bios together. I’m so glad you are enjoying these articles. I am getting to know the interviews very well, because I’m needing to read each one many times to proofread my typing and gathering some facts. It’s an awesome learning experience for me. I feel like I know them well, although I only have seen a few of each to get perspective. 🙂


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