Cinnamon Bear Episode #19

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bear Episode #19”

  1. This is an amusing episode. The Chief Cook-and-Bottlewasher is a funny character. And I’ve forgotten the name of the actress who voiced the Wintergreen Witch, but what a great voice talent she was!

    Although I am used to the cowboys = good guys / “Indians” = bad guys plots from when I was younger, I still found myself taken aback by this episode (both the announcer’s statements and the Chief’s dialogue in the fake Indian dialect). Just shows how much things have changed, I guess, and in good ways.

    You make an excellent point that sweeping under the rug everything unpleasant from the past can do more harm than good. We can only have a full realization of where we are if we know where it is we came from. Also, there’s that line about those who are ignorant of history being doomed to repeat it. 😉 Isn’t it too bad we as a society have such trouble acknowledging the past without seeing it as a threat to good ways in which we’ve changed.

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    1. You’re so right! Martha Wentworth was the Wintergreen Witch. I think she is spectacular! She did some voices for disney, too. I’m glad you liked our Indian chief! How romantic he is! 😀


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